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Global network of serious filmmakers

Connect with filmmakers and video professionals from over two dozen countries in our private community - all pushing themselves to be the best they can be.


Access All 9 CineSummits with over 80 sessions from Industry Leading Cinematographers and Directors. 

Future CineSummit Events!

All future CineSummits events will be included to the site for you to watch on-demand. This gives you full all access to any workshop we do in the future!

If you're looking to..

  • Master cinematography
  • Create commercials
  • Become a Director
  • Make your first feature
  • Perfect your lighting skills

    Then keep reading because CS All Access just may be the perfect fit for you...

CS All-access pass

Enjoy the #1 resource for ambitious filmmakers and video professionals who want to learn from the best-of-the best filmmakers in the industry!

What's included in the All-Access Pass?

Unlimited All-Access library

Past & future cinesummit events

Every CineSummit presentation is now at your fingertips on demand. You'll also have automatic access to our yearly CineSummits as part of your All-Access Pass.

Search Hundreds of Topics

Over 80 workshops segmented into over 960 individual lessons. Search by keyword and watch an individual lesson or an entire workshop.

2. Live Trainings with CineSummit presenters

Live conference

Connect and interact directly with some of the most accomplished filmmakers in the world.

Ask your questions

Get professional input on your most pressing questions from those that have been there and done it.

Discover new ways to succeed

Utilize the vast experience of successful filmmakers that otherwise are very hard to reach to discover new ways of taking your work and business to the next level.

Access to global CineSummit community

Private group

Every All-Access member will have access to our private Facebook group.

powerful community

This is a chance to get laser-focus and constant motivation. You’ll be improving yourself week after week. And that alone can shoot your confidence through the roof.
Share your work with out serious filmmakers. get your questions answered. Never be stuck anymore with the many challenges you may encounter.


Before you join, two things you should know:

This is not a course

There’s no step-by-step path or set modules. There’s no roadmap in this wonderful world of filmmaking! This IS YOUR CHANCE to soak up knowledge from those who have already done it... And the rest it up to you to get out there and put it to use 

Trolls will be booted

We police this community heavily.  Anyone being negative, whining or complaining will be removed.  This is a place to share ideas and support each other. If someone is preaching, being close-minded or just acting like a punk they’ll be escorted out.

Who is All-Access Pass for?

Video professionals

You want or already are make a living with video production. You want to be a rockstar in your industry - then this is the place for you.

Passionate filmmakers

You love is to make short films, documentaries, and or features films. CS All-Access Pass is going to be your new best friend


You want to be an incredible Cinematographer or Director? Our CS Library alone, of over 80+ workshops will catapult your level of knowledge. Add to that our community and Live trainings and you are bound to see your filmmaking grow!

Get 2 months free today

Many online communities charge $67-97/month for a membership. And they only help you with one aspect (video production, cinematography, writing, etc.)

CS All-Access Pass can up the level of many aspects of your filmmaking.So it could easily be worth $97.

But this community is about bringing the knowledge of the most in demand filmmakers to the every day filmmaker – while bringing us together and creating a strong community.

So I wanted to keep the barrier to entry as low as possible.That’s why you can join today for only $19 a month.

That’s less than you’d pay for a good meal at a restaurant. And one month with CS All Access can provide more knowledge than years in Film School!

But that’s not all. You can also get two months FREE if you join for a full year and invest $180 today.


Paid Annually
$ 15 per month
  • 2 months free
  • Unlimited access to future summits
  • All Past CineSummit Workshops
  • Global network of filmmakers
Best Value


paid Monthly
$ 19 Per Month
  • Unlimited access to future summits
  • All Past CineSummit Workshops
  • Global network of filmmakers
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