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what is cinesummit?

CineSummit is a TWO-DAY, FREE, online event where world-class filmmakers give workshops on Cinematography, Directing and More.


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Join 9 world-class filmmakers as they give away their “tricks of the trade” so you too can create superior films, set yourself apart from the competition, and amaze your fellow filmmakers and clients.

As filmmaking continues to explode in both entertainment and education (plus the cost of professional equipment keeps coming down) the industry is becoming more and more competitive. You can no longer “rest on your laurels”… the key is watching what the master filmmakers are doing! And that’s exactly why we created CineSummit, which has become the world’s LARGEST education event for filmmakers with 34,500 attendees expected to attend CS9.

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Meet the experts

Spend some time with these Master filmmakers

    Paul Ozgur N.S.C

    Google, Hugo Boss, “The Wound”

      Leon Chiprout A.M.C

      Disney, MTV, ESPN

        Adam Howden A.S.C.

        Toyota, Ford, Air BnB, Nissan

          Tim Kindler

          Samsung, LG, IBM, Tinder

            Sasha Miasnikova

            Yandex, Microsoft, Kinder

              Nic Restrepo

              Charlie Puth “1 Call Away”, Lexus, Starbucks, “Jeveniles”, Ford, Toyota

                Michael Belcher

                Nike, Ikea, Facebook, Chance The Rapper, Busta Rhymes, Talib Kweli

                  Peter Riis

                  Audi, Porsche, Turkish Airlines, “Darkland”

                    Michael Gebben

                    Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, Richard Branson 

                    schedule & Topics

                    Day 1 tbd

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                    GETTING a hollywood look on a passion project

                    Lighitng and Shooting Creatively with a Minimal Crew

                    adam howden A.C.S

                    (BMW, Audi, Emmy Award Winner)

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                    an incredibly versatile light fixture that almost nobody knows about

                    And you can probably find one lying around nearby

                    Michael Belcher

                    (BMW, Audi, Emmy Award Winner)

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                    A Lifestyle Commercial Cinematographer Reveals His Secrets

                    Nic Restrepo

                    (Apple, Samsung)

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                    directing and epic low budget short film

                    A Lifestyle Commercial Cinematographer Reveals His Secrets

                    tim kndler

                    (BMW, Audi, Emmy Award Winner)

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                    Day 2 tbd

                    backlighting: how the pros do it and why

                    One of the Best Kept Secrets to Beautiful Lighting

                    leon chiprout A.M.C.

                    (BMW, Audi, Emmy Award Winner)

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                    Landing jobs with big clients

                    the tabbo subject that can land you jobs with the big leagues

                    michael gebben

                    (BMW, Audi, Emmy Award Winner)

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                    studio lighting for commercials

                    A Lifestyle Commercial Cinematographer Reveals His Secrets

                    sasha miasnikova

                    (BMW, Audi, Emmy Award Winner)

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                    becoming a highly sought-after cinematographer

                    what it takes at the highest level

                    Peter riis

                    (BMW, Audi, Emmy Award Winner)

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                    discover how to chose the right tools for the job

                    insights from a young and highly successful cinematographer

                    paul ozgur

                    (BMW, Audi, Emmy Award Winner)

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                    • How to let locations and natural light do the heavy lifting for you.

                    • Discover how a few key crew members is all you really need.

                    • How playing with camera settings can transform a boring shot into an interesting one.

                    • How to transform a "normal" location into the perfect location.

                    • Equipment list and breakdowns of lighting setups from an epic short film

                    • The secret to maximizing the value of a limited budget

                    • Keys to speed that will enable you to get more shots per day

                    • Buying vs Renting equipment: The determining factors in making your decision

                    • Diffusion, bounce, and reflections: exactly how, when, and why to use them

                    • How to emulate sunbeams and other light effects

                    • When things don't go according to plan - save your shoot by "working backwards"

                    and much much More!

                    13 hours
                    of high-level content

                    2 DAYS

                    OF workshopS


                    registered filmmakers

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                    LATE 2023

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                    Aviv Vana is the founder of CineSummit, a filmmaking event and platform that focuses on connecting our community with some of the most accomplished artists working in the industry.

                    Since 2015, Aviv has brought on filmmakers who have worked on projects ranging “Mad Men” to films like Melancholia, Terminator, Margin Call, to top commercial work for brands like Nike, Apple, BMW, Google and more. The filmmaking community has been given access to the industries top filmmakers from around the world willing to share their years of experience.

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                    Click on any of the buttons on this page, enter your email and we’ll send you a link via email to the CS9 Event page where you can watch the sessions LATE 2023.

                    What time are the session available in my time zone?

                    There are 4 or 5 sessions per day and they are viewable for a full 24 hours to ensure you can watch it in your time zone! All sessions for that day are available to watch in any order you like beginning at 5pm PST (California Time).

                    Is this really free? What's the catch?

                    No catch at all! You can watch ALL CS9 sessions for free on December 6-7.

                    AFTER registration you will have the OPTION to get an All ACCESS PASS to watch and review all past, present, and future workshops at your pace – as well as have access to additional live trainings where you can engage with the speakers and join our private community.

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