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We've gathered the best Cinematographers in the industry

For 48 HOURS only... Join over 58,000 filmmakers for practical sessions on everything Cinematography! It's happening on APRIL 4th and 5th.

Our hand-picked team of 8 world-class Cinematographers reveal how you can create superior looking films, instantly set yourself apart from the competition, and amaze your fellow filmmakers.

As filmmaking continues to explode in both entertainment and education (plus the cost of professional equipment is coming down) the industry is becoming more and more competitive. You can no longer "rest on your laurels"... the key is watching what the master filmmakers are doing. And that's exactly why we created the CineSummit, which has quickly become the world's LARGEST educational event for Filmmakers with over 58,000 attendees expected to attend CS6.

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Imagine an event where you have access to incredibly talented filmmakers from around the world revealing their secrets. This is what CineSummit is all about.


Ummm… Star Wars!?!? Ummm…. Alien!?!?
Meet the Man Who Created the “look” of Star Wars AND Alien

You’re in for a treat. A BIG treat. When it comes to ONE movie that’s changed filmmaking forver, it’s Star Wars. In fact, it’s not even close.

So when it was time to book this year’s keynote speaker - there was one person at the top of the list. Roger Christian.

Yes - THAT Roger Christian.

The Roger Christian who (literally) created the lightsaber. The Roger Christian who also was responsible for the look of Alien.

During this exclusive CineSummit session, Roger opens up about the real “secrets” to creating a look that’ll transform your film without breaking your budget.

Some highlights include…

  • How he created the lightsaber (and why it might never happen in 2017 and beyond)
  • How to give your films a sense of “realism”.. Even on a shoestring budget.
  • The TRUTH about breaking into Hollywood (the answer might surprise you)
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Get ready for two days of pure Cinematography genius!
Day 1 - April 4


The 5-Step Cinematography Checklist

Got Coke? One of CocaCola’s trusted cinematographer’s reveals his step-by-step checklist

Federico Cantini

(Coca Cola, Sony, Renault)

“1-Light Source” Cinematography

How to create amazing looks with just one light source. Prepare to have your mind blown!

Pierre Gill, CSC

("Upside Down", "Casanova", "The Colony")

The Lighting “Masterclass” (big budget/small budget)

See how to create powerful lighting.. Whether you’re working with a big dollar budget, or a $100 dollar budget.

Michael Belcher

The Ultimate Lighting “Toolbox”

How to get the most out of your equipment. Everything from reflectors and dimmer consoles. This will change the way you light your shoots.. forever.

Michele Brandstetter, AIC

Day2 - April 5


Ryan Connolly is the creator of the wildly popular show Film Riot and is, perhaps, the most influential new voice of filmmaking today. With his online videos reaching millions of filmmakers - he’s ushering in the next generation of directing.

In the old days, you needed connections, lots of money, lots of expensive gear or all three. But that’s no longer the case. And in this session, Ryan will show you how to create a jaw-dropping film on even the smallest budget.

Day2 - April 5


Feature Film Backstage Pass

Go “behind the scenes” of a full feature film shoot. If you dream of shooting a feature film.. You can’t miss this session.

Piero Basso, AIC

“Behind the Scenes” Of A World-Class Commercial Shoot

Real world solutions to creating cinematic images

Sloan Inns

(Hydra V, Nutrilite)

How to Get BIG Results with a Tiny Crew (and DSLR)

The real world guide to creating stunning cinematography under any circumstance

Stefan von Borbely

Bring your ideas to life

Prepare like the pros. Shoot like the pros.

Fernando Reyes, AMC

(Hyundai, Motorola, Elysium 2nd Unit)
Pretty great, right? The only question is... do you want in?
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28 Lighting Setups? This one session is like a master’s degree in lighting. You'll be taken through 28 different setups. Seriously!


The $103 Lighting Kit: How to light like a pro.. On even the smallest budget


How to find the PERFECT location every single time (and no one is doing this!)


The Pre-Shoot Checklist: Everything you need to know about a film shoot BEFORE you step foot on set!


Shoot Less? How to get even BETTER footage while shooting less!


The Cinematic Image: how to make sure every image works together


How to replace an entire art department with this brilliantly simple “Photoshop Hack”


The 30-Second “Smackdown”: How to create a powerful commercial in just 30 seconds


The “No-Move” Shoot. How to create multiple looks without relighting!


No Art Department? No problem. Discover how to “paint the room” with a bold look using these unknown lighting techniques.


How to finally stop the dreaded “bouncing light”.. Which might be destroying your best shots!


The “Reflector Hacks”: discover how to turn an ordinary reflector into your most valuable tool with these never-before-seen “hacks”

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Aviv Vana is the founder of CineSummit, a filmmaking event and website that focuses on connecting our community with some of the most accomplished artists working in the industry.

Since 2013 he has brought on filmmakers who have worked on projects ranging from AMC's "Mad Men," and films like Melancholia, Terminator, and Margin Call, to top commercial work for brands like Nike, Apple and BMW. He's the host of the CineSummits and blogs regularly on techniques that propel filmmakers to the ultimate goal of mastering their craft. Aviv also interviews many seasoned veterans on the site, where everyday filmmakers can get a peak into the inner working of those that are leading in the field.